Dana Claire ​

Crafting Success on Review Platforms 

In the digital realm of book discovery, review platforms stand paramount. This presentation offers insights into maximizing your book's visibility and garnering impactful reviews amidst a sea of titles. Uncover strategies to engage the right reviewers, craft compelling listings, and navigate feedback effectively. Elevate your presence on review platforms and turn them into your book's biggest advocates.

Meet Dana Claire, a seasoned marketing and sales professional with a remarkable track record in direct sales. Beyond her marketing prowess, she is also an acclaimed and award-winning young adult author.

Drawing from her own enriching author journey, Dana offers a distinctive perspective that combines her in-depth knowledge of the literary realm and her expertise in the marketing industry. Her genuine passion for author education drives her mission to support fellow writers in building their own literary empires. This led her to create The INKfluence, an innovative marketing agency exclusively dedicated to serving authors.

At INKfluence, their primary focus is on empowering authors by equipping them with valuable insights and essential skills needed to thrive in the constantly evolving landscape of publishing. Their comprehensive range of services includes custom special edition book strategies, promotional products, design, crowdfunding assistance, reviewer platforms, and much more. With a commitment to fostering success for authors, The INKfluence aims to be the go-to resource for writers looking to make a significant impact in the publishing world


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